This week in maths we have been exploring length.  Today we used our feet and hands to measure various objects in our classroom. We learnt that all of our answers were not the same because our hands and feet are all different sizes.  That’s why we need formal units of measure. Look at us go….

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2KR’s Start Up Brochure

During the first few weeks of school, our class has worked together to create a classroom environment which we are really proud of.  We have talked a lot about how we want our room to feel, look and sound.  From these discussions we came up with a set of class rules, consequences and rewards which will help us to achieve our desired learning outcomes. Feel free to check out our class brochure which outlines our expectations for the year…..

2KR start up brochure 1

2KR start up Brochure 2

Welcome to 2KR

Welcoming all 2KR families and the Oatlands community to our blog page. This year you will be able to view the 2KR blog to gain insight into what we have been doing in the classroom. You are welcome to make comments, we would love to hear from you.  Wishing everyone a wonderful, fun, creative and inspiring 2015!

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