Water Investigation!

Detectives were out in full force in 2KR on Tuesday. We were investigating how much water we waste when we brush our teeth…….


The children had to predict how much water would be used if we let the water run for two minutes whilst we brushed our teeth. We then ran the investigation! The two bottles on the left contain the water that was used  when we left the water running and the bottle on the right contains the water that was used when we turned off the tap in between rinsing. There’s quite a difference don’t you think? After that we decided that too much water is wasted if we leave the tap running so we all had fun practicing our ‘water wise’ brushing. Don’t be surprised if you get a tap on the shoulder this week, reminding you to turn off the tap!

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This term our focus is water.  Today we navigated our way around a very interesting  app which explores the water cycle.  After reading about the process, we presented what we had learnt using Pic Collage. Here are some examples of our work……