We’re Going on a Clock Search……..

As part of our unit on time we participated in a ‘Clock Search’. We had to find the analogue clocks which were hidden around the room and then we had to record its digital time on our sheet.  Take a look….


Here we are looking for the clocks….

It was a fun way to practice our skills and learn more about time.



And the Fabulous Flake Award goes to……



Dale, you have so many great qualities.  You are thoughtful, responsible, hard working and respectful.  You also have a wonderful sense of humour which is very much appreciated by your teachers and your peers.  You always have interesting and insightful contributions to make during our class discussions and you are a much valued member of our class.  Congratulations Buddy!


We have been learning about time for the last couple of weeks.  This is a tricky concept for most kids and it would be great if you could follow up with it at home.  There are some great apps and YouTube clips that can assist you with this.  We have been concentrating on o’clock, half-past, quarter-past and quarter-to.  We have also been looking at digital time.  The more practice and exposure your child has with both analogue and digital time, the more confident they will become with telling the time.





quarter past





Oatlands Oatathon

Well done to all of the kids who took part in our ‘Oatathon’ today.  The conditions weren’t ideal but that didn’t stop us.  Everyone ran their little hearts out and we achieved some excellent results.  You should all be very proud of your efforts, we certainly are!