Shin Ee’s Fractured Fairytale

Over the last few weeks, Shin Ee has had the opportunity to collaborate with some other grade twos in an extended writing class.  During these sessions the group had to work together to write a fractured fairytale.  We were lucky enough to listen to Shin Ee read the finished product today.  It was amazing! It was creative, detailed and thoroughly entertaining.  Well done Shin, we are all very proud of you.

Harvey Slumfenburger’s Christmas Present


This is one of my favourite Christmas stories.  It is set on Christmas Eve.  Father Christmas has just returned home after a long night of delivering presents. He has his pyjamas on and is about to hop into bed when he discovers a present in his sack which he has forgotten to deliver.  This present was meant for Harvey Slumfenburger, a very poor boy who only ever gets one present a year, his present from Santa. Harvey lives on top of Roly Poly mountain which is far, far away.  His house is not easy to get to and Santa faces many hurdles along the way, however he is determined not to let Harvey down.

It is a wonderful story which highlights the Christmas Spirit.  It illustrates beautifully that the gift itself doesn’t matter as much as the journey involved in the gift giving.  The last line in the story ‘I wonder what it is?’ encourages us to speculate on what we think Harvey gets from Santa.  We had a lovely ‘Circle Time’ where we all shared what we wanted Harvey’s present to be.  Some suggestions were very thoughtful –  money, warm clothes, even a scholarship so that Harvey had access to a good education!  It’s great to see that all of our work on empathy has paid off!!

Here are some of the gifts that we hoped Harvey would receive…



Wet Day Fun

Getting creative during our wet day timetable…..

Water Cycle Terrariums

We have been learning about the water cycle with a focus on evaporation, condensation and precipitation. To understand more about this process we decided to make a terrarium. This way we could observe first hand how the water cycle works. Similar to the way water evaporates and rises into the atmosphere before condensing and falling as precipitation, in our terrarium, the moisture from the soil evaporates and rises before condensing on the top of our container. It then falls (like rain) to provide moisture to the grass in our terrarium.

It was amazing to witness the water cycle happening right in front of us. Not only did we learn more about evaporation, condensation and precipitation, we also learnt about transpiration. Transpiration occurs when the grass soaks up the water in its roots, then ‘breathes’ with respiration, releasing the water (and oxygen) into the air which then condenses on the container and rains. Amazing stuff!!