Harvey Slumfenburger’s Christmas Present


This is one of my favourite Christmas stories.  It is set on Christmas Eve.  Father Christmas has just returned home after a long night of delivering presents. He has his pyjamas on and is about to hop into bed when he discovers a present in his sack which he has forgotten to deliver.  This present was meant for Harvey Slumfenburger, a very poor boy who only ever gets one present a year, his present from Santa. Harvey lives on top of Roly Poly mountain which is far, far away.  His house is not easy to get to and Santa faces many hurdles along the way, however he is determined not to let Harvey down.

It is a wonderful story which highlights the Christmas Spirit.  It illustrates beautifully that the gift itself doesn’t matter as much as the journey involved in the gift giving.  The last line in the story ‘I wonder what it is?’ encourages us to speculate on what we think Harvey gets from Santa.  We had a lovely ‘Circle Time’ where we all shared what we wanted Harvey’s present to be.  Some suggestions were very thoughtful –  money, warm clothes, even a scholarship so that Harvey had access to a good education!  It’s great to see that all of our work on empathy has paid off!!

Here are some of the gifts that we hoped Harvey would receive…