Shin Ee’s Fractured Fairytale

Over the last few weeks, Shin Ee has had the opportunity to collaborate with some other grade twos in an extended writing class.  During these sessions the group had to work together to write a fractured fairytale.  We were lucky enough to listen to Shin Ee read the finished product today.  It was amazing! It was creative, detailed and thoroughly entertaining.  Well done Shin, we are all very proud of you.

We Did It!!!

For the first time this year we were able to hand back our reading tub with EVERY BOOK accounted for!  We were rewarded for our efforts with a book to keep for our class which is pretty awesome.  We cannot tell you how proud we are of all of you.  Although we encourage our kids to be responsible for their readers, we also want to acknowledge our parents.  We know that you play an important role in teaching the kids to be accountable and we thank you for your support.  Well done everyone.  Let’s hope we can maintain our reputation of looking after our readers.


2KR’s Book Shops

As part of the book week festivities we thought it would be a great idea to showcase some of our favourite books.  To do this we all brought in some of our favourite books and set up little book shops.  After setting up the shops we all had the opportunity to browse in the shops and enjoy some of the books that were on display.  It was a fun way to celebrate the joy, magic and wonder of books.

Here are our shops. Don’t they look amazing:

And here we are browsing:


Book Week Dress Up Day

Well done to everyone on your super costumes.  You all looked amazing and you were all so encouraging of each other’s efforts.  It made us very proud to hear all of the lovely comments you were sharing with one another.  A big thank you to all of our wonderful parents.  We know the amount of time and energy that goes into these days and we really do appreciate your efforts.


Contraction Surgery


imageToday we performed some contraction surgery.  We put on our surgical gloves and grabbed our scalpels (scissors) and went to town, cutting apart words and then bandaging new words (contractions) together. Our Doctors did a fine job.  Take a look….



This week we have been learning about adjectives. To help us understand and remember what an adjective is, we incorporated our unit on food and put our taste buds to the test.  We had to close our eyes and taste an unknown food. Then we had to come up with an adjective to describe it’s taste and texture. It was a fun way to come up with lots of different adjectives.

Here are some of the sample foods:


And here we are tasting them:

And here are all the adjectives we came up with:


Voracious Reading

Our CAFE strategy for this week is ‘Voracious Reading’.  This is such a big word and can be a little overwhelming for children when they first hear it.  However, once we practised saying the word a few times and discussed it’s meaning, we felt a lot more comfortable with it.  Voracious means doing something a lot.  Some people watch television voraciously, some people play on their iPads voraciously, others talk voraciously.  Once we had worked out the meaning we discussed the importance of reading voraciously.  This strategy is an important one.  It guides children towards a love of reading. Reading, reading and more reading will help children gain word knowledge for their daily lives and their writing.  As teachers and parents, it is so important for us to help our children learn at a young age, the value of reading.  Voracious reading involves having many different types of books available for children to read, giving reading time every day and modelling what it means to be a voracious reader.  If we can share with our kids our own love and appreciation of books, then this will help them develop their own love of reading.

We decided it would be a good idea to share one of our favourite books with the class in the hope it would encourage others to give it a go. We wrote a review on it, highlighting our favourite parts and outlining why we thought people should read it. Hopefully our book reviews will inspire more reading in our classroom and get us reading more voraciously.

Here are some of our favourite books:


National Simultaneous Storytime


Today Oatlands got involved with the National Simultaneous Storytime campaign. The book was called ‘I Got This Hat’ by Jol and Kate Temple.  It is a clever and funny rhyming tale about the surprisingly large world of hats.  After we read the book we looked at a few different types of hats and thought about who would wear them and where they would wear them.  It was interesting to hear the different responses.  Here are some examples….


  1. A baseball player at the game.
  2. A Golfer on the golf course.
  3. A Tennis player playing tennis.


  1. A young girl at the beach.
  2. A lady on a tropical island.
  3. A farmer milking the cows.


  1. A boy going to watch the Melbourne Stars.
  2. A cricket player playing cricket.
  3. A DJ rocking his DJ board.


  1. A cowgirl riding a horse.
  2. A bull rider riding a bull.
  3. A lady at the beach.


  1. A skateboard rider at the skate park.
  2. A sailor on a boat.
  3. A cool dude on the street.


  1. A train conductor at the station
  2. A grandma at the shops.
  3. A mum relaxing in the pool.


  1. A farmer harvesting the crops.
  2. A Frenchman on the dance floor.
  3. A grandpa on his rocking chair.


  1. A boy playing in his backyard.
  2. A soldier in the war.
  3. A man going fishing.


  1. A witch flying on her broomstick.
  2. A little girl going to a fancy dress party.
  3. Harry Potter in the movie.

After having lots of conversations about hats we thought it would be fun to create our very own.  First, we came up with a design and then we got busy creating.  We made lots of mess but we had so much fun and we made some amazing hats. Take a look…..

image image image image image image image image image