Bucket Fillers

Being a bucket filler is something we pride ourselves on in 2KR.  We get a lot of enjoyment out of performing acts of kindness and giving compliments to people.  Today we took the time to fill up our classmates’ buckets and it felt AMAZING!   Our room was so full of love that you couldn’t help but feel good.  We wanted to share some of that love with you……

We moved around our room writing affirmations on each other’s backs…

This is what it looked like when we’d finished…..

And this is what we looked like when we got to read all of the positive words our classmates wrote……

Have you filled someone’s bucket today?



To introduce mindfulness to our kids we used a glitter jar.  The glitter jar is also referred to as ‘Mind in a Jar’ because the water signifies our mind and the glitter signifies our thoughts and feelings. When the water is calm it is clear, much like our mind is clear when our thoughts and feelings are calm.  When something happens that causes our thoughts and feelings to swirl around, even just a little, we cannot see and think quite as clearly. When the mind is really active, we can’t see (through the jar) at all.  If we needed to make a decision or respond thoughtfully to someone, we would be very challenged to do so until we were able to clear our mind and see clearly.  The ‘Mind in a Jar’ illustrates this beautifully.

It is important for our kids to understand that our thoughts and feelings are not bad, even when they are upsetting – they are part of what makes us who we are. Mindfulness teaches us to grow in our awareness of our feelings and emotions and to learn to sit with them even when they are uncomfortable.

In 2KR we will use the ‘Mind in a Jar’ to calm ourselves down.  When our emotions are swirling we can shake the jar and watch the glitter float to the bottom.  Watching the glitter is peaceful and tends to have a calming effect.


Another Mindfulness exercise we have introduced is the Smiling Mind app.  Smiling Mind is a program which provides accessible tools based in mindfulness meditation.  There is a great deal of research supporting the positive impact of mindfulness meditation for children.  It can help kids tune into their thoughts and feelings, increase concentration and focus and develop better social interactions.

We will be using this app on a weekly basis to calm the kids after lunch and help them be more peaceful, focused and balanced.  If you would like to give it a go at home, the app is free and easy to navigate.

If you would like to find out more about mindfulness and its benefits please feel free to come in and have a chat with us.