Our Start Up Program

During the past few weeks, 2KR has been involved in the Oatlands Start Up Program.  This program has provided us with the opportunity to set up a positive classroom culture and think about what we are aiming to achieve in Grade Two.  We have used this program to teach our kids how to interact and empathize with one another. It has helped us all get to know each other and to feel good about ourselves and our relationships.   In 2KR we work hard to create a learning environment where everyone feels safe and a part of the 2KR family. You can help us achieve this by reading through our Start Up Brochure with your child and revisiting it throughout the year.  If you didn’t receive a copy of our brochure we have inserted one below.  Click on the link to upload:

2KR Brochure


2KR’s Start Up Brochure

During the first few weeks of school, our class has worked together to create a classroom environment which we are really proud of.  We have talked a lot about how we want our room to feel, look and sound.  From these discussions we came up with a set of class rules, consequences and rewards which will help us to achieve our desired learning outcomes. Feel free to check out our class brochure which outlines our expectations for the year…..

2KR start up brochure 1

2KR start up Brochure 2