Water Detectives!

On Wednesday morning our eager 2KR Detectives reported for duty, ready to complete a very important mission! They had to investigate how much water we use when we brush our teeth. First, each Detective had to predict how much water they thought would be used, when the water was left running for the whole two minutes of brushing time. They were all extremely surprised that a lot more water was used than they predicted and we needed to use a second two litre bottle!  If you look at the first picture in the photos below, you can see how much water we actually used. It’s significantly more than the amount of water that was used when we turned the tap off in between rinsing, as you can see in the second photo. We also discussed how much toothpaste we should use and we decided that we should stick to the recommended ‘pea sized’ amount, so we don’t have to use too much water to rinse our mouths. Will you turn the tap off next time when you’re brushing your teeth? We certainly will!


After the experiment, we all had a go at being water wise teeth brushers and completed a report for our bosses, Detectives Koudmani and Robertson. Mission accomplished!

img_1155 img_1156 img_1157 img_1158 img_1159


How is a Rainbow Formed?

This week in 2KR we have been learning about how rainbows are formed. Did you know that rainbows happen when sunlight and rain combine in a very special way. The beams of sunlight separate into the colours we see in the rainbow as they enter a raindrop. Sunlight is actually made up of different colours that we don’t see.

Today in class, we tested this out by shining a torch light on a mirror that was sitting in a large glass jar. The torch light bounced off the mirror and reflected onto a piece of white card that was held over the jar. We were amazed to see the colours of the rainbow on the white card. The children were also very excited about finding out if their families knew that a rainbow is actually a circle shape, not the semi circle that we usually see!

img_1108 img_1109 img_1110

Moving Water Science Experiment

Today I placed 3 plastic cups on the table.  The two outside cups were filled with coloured water, one with blue water, the other with yellow water. The cup in the middle was empty.  I also had a roll of paper towel on the table.  I posed the question “Is there any way we could get the water from the outside cups into the middle cup without touching the cups.  After much discussion, Dale came up with the solution of placing one end of the paper towel into the outside cup and the other end into the middle cup. We did just that and had another interesting discussion about absorption and colour mixing.


After a little while, drops of water began dripping into the middle glass…

The next day when we came to school, this is what we saw…


And the Oatlands Oscar Goes to…..


Congratulations Shin Ee. Your motivation and enthusiasm for learning is an inspiration to us all!  You are such a hard worker but you always find time to be a kind and thoughtful friend. Your beautiful smile makes everyone around you feel happy and included. These are such special qualities and we feel very grateful to have you in 2KR.

Where Does Fresh Water Come From?

Did you know that most of the water on the earth is salty ocean water?  Today in 2KR we made Solar Stills and investigated how the sun helps to change salty water into precious fresh water.

image image image image

It was very exciting to see the salty water turning into condensation and forming tiny droplets that tasted like……fresh water!